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Warm Fuzzies

July 25, 2007

Brookwood Community is a home for retarded and mentally handicapped adults that teach life skills. Having a job is a source of dignity and the disabled are taught to do jobs within the residential facility.   The staff is well educated and trained to handle the many challenges of daily caring for these individuals.  The life skills taught include workshops such as the beautiful garden center, ceramics, making cards. They have a restaurant where the residents do limited serving the customers. Work is so vital to these adults! Plus the products produced are absolutely beautiful. The time and care that the residents put into the plants is amazing and produces fantastic and long lasting plants. I think the quality of plants is well worth the drive and plus knowing that you are helping someone in return. At Christmas they have a huge open house. It is a big gala 2 day affair with all of the workshops open and the handicap people will show you what they do in the workshops.  They make greeting cards that are fantastic. A REAL MUST SEE! You do pay a little more for the plants but it is well worth it. They offer different tours of the facility to see what a difference it is making in the adults lives and it let’s you see how you are making it happen. It is absolutely a great place and everyone there is so warm hearted and welcoming…you won’t want to leave!